Garage 30 takes full throttle to the limit. We wrestled an already awesome machine from the sales team so that we could build our first customer specced bike just for our customers – well maybe we built it for us as much!


This creation will be turned from mean to just plain nasty, with custom rear subframe and seat, to clip on handle bars with bar end mirrors.



We then add some sweet little turn signals, and to make this baby rock a seriously angry Termi slip on pipe is fitted to our street thug. What more could we do to turn Full Throttle even further, well hey let’s rock some spoked wheels with wider street tyres. At the end we will have created one of the sweetest looking and sounding Scramblers around!


But do you want to hear the best part, it will all be done at a price that wont scare you unlike your new toy. So line up peeps this cafe machine is for you.

Enjoy!!!! The team at Garage 30.